Nicola Nemec lives and works on the North Coast of Co. Antrim.
Born in Belfast in 1972, she has exhibited extensively across the UK and Ireland. In 1994 while exhibiting at a National Graduate Exhibition in London, she was selected from several hundred students to win a SPACE studio award of one year’s tenure. She then continued to work in East London for six years before returning to Northern Ireland.
Since then, she has had regular solo exhibitions in London, and has exhibited with the Cavehill Gallery and Mullan Gallery in Belfast, Gordon Gallery Derry, and Gormley’s Gallery Dublin.
Her work is included in many Public and Private collections worldwide, including The Office of Public Works, and Ecotricity.
She was selected to be an Ambassador with the National ‘It’s Our World’ environmental art project and is an original member of the ‘Human Nature’ art movement. She has recently completed a residency on Achill Island awarded by the Heinrich Boll Association.
Her London solo exhibition ‘Land Lies in Water’ was featured on BBC Newsline and Radio Ulster.


Nicola Nemec’s practice is directly influenced by the dramatic scenery where she lives.
Her paintings convey her individual response to the shifting climate, light and atmosphere of the sea, harbours, boglands and mountains of her environment.
Her involved painting process allows her to return mentally to the experience of a place. She layers memories and paint to create depth akin to the layering of the landscape itself.
She aims to exploit the physical qualities of her chosen medium, using the spontaneous nature of fluid paint to create form organically. Paint is often applied and partially removed, achieving subtlety of tone and texture. She is interested in exploring how certain colours, the charactaristics of marks, and painterly gestures can communicate elements of the landscape with the viewer.

‘Nicola Nemec’s work does not just correspond to one particular place, but a number of related places. Her work is as much about an emotional site as a geographical site, and it is both objective and subjective simultaneously. Her creative process operates between memory, intuition, intellect and the physical reality of the painting. It evokes a powerful sense of the experience of the landscape, where deep understanding exists’
Dr Susan Liggett. Head of the Media Art and Design Research Centre,  Glyndwr University